Cold Feet

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Forget that it feels like the coldest day so far this semester. At least one Columbian is still in a summer state of mind. Bwog spotted what appears to be either a very lost motorist or a very extreme amount of wishful thinking on 114th.


It's gonna take a lot of global warming for that to be of use in the near future

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  1. JJ  

    Love ur humour Bwog...keep it up

  2. Anonymous

    it's called a wetsuit, Bwog

  3. My CC professor  

    surfs at Far Rockaway in a wetsuit through November, and picks up again in March.

  4. lolololol  

    bwog kills me

  5. Anonymous  

    I didn't know Ned Stark wrote for Bwog?

  6. Silly Columbia Students  

    Stop preparing for the hurricane! You will not need your surf board to get to butler so that you can reserve a spot to waste your life. Give it up! In a sea of knowledge a lion who can not swim will only be king of a desert.

    --James Harvard Dean

  7. Anonymous

    really? a lot of surfers love riding waves right now as long as they have a wet suit on


    "This place is private not public. We have as many people in our school as you do in your class. But we'll still kick your ass in football. We dont pay to go to the games and the stadium may be 20 minutes away- but we drink in it. We pre-game like you party. We live where you vacation. We suntan while you freeze. We party harder then you know how to. And the places we party you've only seen on TV. We're going to the next bar while you're passing out. It's ok to be jealous. We understand your animosity. We live the life you wish you had. And of over 4000 universities and over 1700 division 1 schools, only one is simply known as "The U[niversity of Miami]" ,


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