1. Oh yeah?  

    YOUR MOM is coming.

  2. Anonymous  

    How has bwog not yet mentioned the new timers on the broadway crossing lights? it's the best thing to happen since they installed the countdown clocks in the subway.

  3. wtf  

    umm... so what about game of thrones season 2? jerks

  4. Anonymous  

    best song ever. ingridddd.

  5. John Snow  

    you think your winter sucks?

  6. Anonymous

    at least we're not in Dartmouth where it is probably snowing

  7. AHH  

    I love this SONG!!

  8. Anonymous

    Game of Thrones reference. Boss.
    Bwog should do a GoT special.

  9. this song  

    has supplanted "someone like you" in depressing-songs-now-on-repeat

  10. Anonymous  

    can you guys do a bwog special investigation on why one of the broadway elevators hasn't been in order for the past few weeks? Not to sound spoiled but waiting five minutes for an elevator is terrible...

  11. Anonymous

    Just so you know, saying "not to sound spoiled" just emphasizes the fact that you are most certainly a spoiled fat person. Use the stairs, leave the elevators for those who are disabled and need them.

  12. Anonymous

    Man, I don't have that much of a soft spot, but that song was good

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