Butler Gets a New Library, Kinda

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I donated $4 million to Columbia and all I got was this lousy plaque.

A dozen or so important looking people gathered in the Butler lobby yesterday to announce/celebrate(?) Norman E. Alexander’s gift of $4 million to Columbia. The cash supports Jewish Studies collections and funds a new Jewish Studies librarian position, filled by Michelle Chesner.

Bwog initially thought that the new Jewish Studies library would be in Butler lobby, but that didn’t seem quite right. Manly pride was swallowed, and we asked for help. Karen Green happily explained that the new Jewish Studies wasn’t going to be placed in Butler lobby (phew), and that a new library wouldn’t really exist at all. Instead of a “discrete, free-standing library,” the gift supports a Jewish Studies collection with volumes housed in the appropriate libraries scattered around campus. For example, a book on Jews in the Far East would go to Kent. Kinda neat, huh?

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  1. inb4  

    Someone criticizes your description of the Jewish Studies library as a "disembodied library that parasitizes all the other libraries on campus."

  2. Lando

    Dunno, nomadic life seems pretty romantic for me, a hand in every pot so to speak--anyway, I'm curious, what happened to the person whose likeness used to be in the same spot up until a couple months ago?

  3. Anonymous  

    Hmm Jewish books being "scattered" among different libraries on campus... is that a subtle joke about the Diaspora?

  4. What?  

    Could he donate that television back? And maybe get Time Warner out to hook it up in time for the new Arrested Development?

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