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You could do this, IRL

Ever dreamed of filling the shoes of great American heroes Frederick T. Frelinghuysen, Hamilton Fish, Elihu B. Washburne, or Edward Stettinius, Jr.? What about Henry Kissinger or our own John Jay? Tonight, Asch Harwood, a Research Associate at the Council on Foreign Relations, will be offering advice on how to jump-start a career in foreign affairs. So if nothing excites you more than the thought of mingling with foreign ministers and munching hors d’oeuvre in a far-flung embassy, hustle over to 303 Hamilton at 8pm to get started on your future!

Somewhere between Risk and Settlers of Catan via Flickr/Sailrad

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  1. Anonymous  

    just went. twas sick

  2. Fleet Denmark  

    to the Skagerrak!!

  3. Friedrich the Great  

    For Prussia!

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