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The authorities are mobilizing. Kristen Sylvester, Associate Director of the Office of Residential Programs sent out the following email earlier today:

Dear East Campus Residents,

I hope this message finds you well in full swing of the semester.  I am writing to clarify the smoking policy as it relates to East Campus, specifically our courtyard.  Our campus policy explicitly states smoking is prohibited in and within 20 feet of campus housing (this is also New York State law).  As such no smoking is allowed in East Campus (or any University building at Columbia) which includes the East Campus courtyard.  East Campus residents who choose to smoke must do so at least 20 feet away from the East Campus vestibule/entrance (on to Ancel Plaza).

To read the smoking policy in its entirety visit:


And see the attached flier [click for pdf].

Please also know that you are responsible for your guest’s actions.  For any guest/visitor coming to East Campus to visit you, you are responsible for informing them about this policy.  If you observe such issues please call the East Campus Resident Adviser on Duty at 646-763-0745 or Public Safety at 212-854-5555.

Cheering? Jeering? Voice your opinion—There will be a town hall meeting to debate a potential campus-wide smoking ban this upcoming Monday, October 10th, in 104 Jerome Greene Hall from 4:30 to 6:30. Be there or be indifferent.

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  1. Anonymous

    As a smoker, I can see why smokers are disgruntled about all these bans. However, as much as I may smoke, I'm disgusted when I'm walking to class and I run into a cloud of smoke from someone walking in front of me who decided to light up. I can't even bring myself to smoke around a group of strangers, and much less while walking. I mean, not only does half my cigarette get smoked by the wind, but frankly, it's just inconsiderate.

    So, although I'm a pretty heavy smoker, maybe I'm one of the few who are considerate to non-smokers, or maybe more smokers feel like this and that's why we're indifferent about the 20ft rule anyway.

    But a campus wide ban? Are you kidding me? All the ashtrays are gone. The floors around buildings are littered with cigarette butts. So obviously the 20ft rule isn't being enforced. Unless someone can convince me a campus wide rule can and will be enforced, I think the idea is stupid.

  2. Anonymous

    Even parks in New York City are smoke free now. It's not that big of a deal. It's been a nice improvement at Barnard. I understand wanting to smoke, but it really does get in the faces of bystanders, and Columbia doesn't have a huge campus, making it really easy to simply step outside of the gates when you want to smoke. I know it is an inconvenience, and I don't like to make it into a moral issue of smokers vs. non-smokers, but it's really not fair to have to walk through the smoke plumes if you don't want to, and if the ban was enforced at least the butts would be gone as well.

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