Bwoglines: Faux News Edition

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Wearing your wig in public runs you the risk of getting called a dandy

President Bollinger recalls his younger (but not more youthful) days as a Wall Street protestor. Despite having served on the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, he wasn’t reluctant to chime in with his own views regarding the current protest. (Spec)

Korilla’s brief stint in reality television ended last month after a cheating scandal. A recent series of tweets, however, seemed to have revealed a counterfeit bill as the culprit, only to be quickly discounted by the Korilla accountant. (Twitter)

Our colleagues down at NYU faced a dilemma after Fake NYU Local, a mock version of the school’s online newspaper, called for an occupation of its business school. Not surprisingly, this isn’t the first bogus protest to pop up since Occupy Wall Street. (NY Observer)

Wall Street investors felt the chagrin of their own fake news. Analysts conclude that stocks for one company fell 78 percent and kept falling after false reports claimed the company was filing for bankruptcy. (Bloomberg)

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