Triangular Campus Sculpture Meets the Third Dimension Head-On

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As many Columbia students know, things can get pretty wild on the weekends. Disoriented by the night’s revelry, up can become down, and climbing on top of a vertical slab of metal may seem like a good idea. Or could these be the stirrings of a new coning subculture, vying for a breath of life on an otherwise dreary plaza?

You be careful up there, you hear?

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  1. sigh

    now the cone is on the sculpture of the tight rope walkers.

  2. Coning is now a thing.  

    No structure is safe.

  3. Where is hardcore?

    YOU PROMISED!!!!!! I'm so sad. So, so sad.

  4. Anonymous  

    this was done, sober, on the way back from the library. it's conceptual art.

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