Bwoglines: Breaking the Mold Edition

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Columbia will implement a new system to review professors for tenure. It will be more effective but less specialized than the existing one. (Spec)

The Trustees of Columbia University have proposed funding a renovation of the Columbia University Medical Center subway stop. It’s about time. That elevator is the worst! (2nd. Avenue Sagas)

The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Africa’s first democratically elected female president, a Liberian peace activist, and a woman who stood up to Yemen’s authoritarian regime. This is the first time the prize has gone to women since 2004. (ABC News/AP)

Two Tibetan teenagers set themselves on fire as a means of protesting the Chinese government’s Tibet policy. And we thought Occupy Wall Street went hard. (NY Times)

Ketchup has been banned from all school and college cafeterias in France, except on days when French Fries are served. (Gawker)

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