Ashy Plume Erupts over Barnard

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Bwog received multiple tips this morning about an ashy disturbance looming over Barnard and Columbia’s campus. Public Safety stated that they haven’t heard anything about ash raining down around 116th, but Housing suggested that it might just be from the newly lit heating unit in that building. All we do know is that black ash is scattered widely over streets and campus, and that it’s probably not he-who-must-not-be-named. If you have more information, let us know: [email protected]

Anonymous tip: "It was raining ash on the south end of Barnard’s campus this morning at about 10 30. It was extremely weird."

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  1. ...  

    apparently they didn't get the memo. barnard's campus is smoke free.

  2. it's the  

    airborne toxic event. run.

  3. Anonymous  

    Barnard's having trouble electing a new pope i guess

  4. A. Resident

    That's not coming from Barnard, it's coming from the building it's over on the corner of Claremont and 116th, which i believe is a Columbia residential building (with a very strange beauty shop in its lobby, like something from the 1950s, as apparently is their boiler). I have seen that same building emit that same cloud of smoke regularly for years in the colder months, as one of the offices in which I often work has a view in that direction. The building clearly needs a modern boiler.

    And yeah the smoke free thing is funny. Every car on Broadway, and every building Columbia owns, is pumping out more toxic smoke than any smoker. It's so much about policing other people's habits, isn't it now? Second hand smoke, my azz. You're soaking in it.

    • Anonymous  

      ... the difference being that most pollutants have time to dissipate into the air, lowering concentrations and therefore being less carcinogenic. Campus is a very enclosed space and smokers tend to stand close to buildings (pre-20 foot rule, at least), meaning that it's very possible to walk into a huge plume of smoke just walking around campus.

      It's essentially the difference between standing 20 feet away from a car's tailpipe and putting your face right next to it. I imagine you'd be comfortable with one and not the other...

    • arparp

      That's the Paterno, which is still a luxury condo building with apartments owned by individual owners. Not a Columbia residence. It was featured in Enchanted, so maybe that'd be a better tie-in than Harry Potter.

  5. calm down

    liberal environmental freaks

  6. Anonymous  

    I thought the Fire Nation was coming ...

  7. what happens when 1200 women

    share the same kitchen simultaneously?


  8. Um  

    Of course, Housing WOULD decide to light the heating unit on the warmest, most pleasant day in weeks...


    a little pre-protest teaser??

  10. Anonymous

    The airborn toxic event

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