Bwoglines: Thinkin’ Hard Edition

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Bro, I'm not ready to die, bro

Think traffic in New York is bad? We ain’t got nothing on Caracas, Venezuela. Driving there has become so treacherous that the mayor has hired a cadre of mime traffic cops in order to subdue unruly drivers. (ABC News)

Think Occupy Wall Street protests are a sign of bad times? It turns out that they are neither original nor welcome. (New Yorker; NYT)

Think haunted houses aren’t that scary? Check out a gallery of hilarious haunted house reaction shots. (Nerdcore)

Think time capsules are a thing of the past? A vial filled with 100 year-old bacteria was just unearthed over at Bellevue Hospital Medical College. (Wired UK)

Think the GOP primary is going well? Then you’re nuts. Another not-Romney candidate is surging in the polls, but now there are no other potentials waiting in the wings. (Daily Beast; WaPo)

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