Free Food: Semi-Holiday Edition

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You won’t get a day off but by golly you’ll get free food.

In honor of Columbus Day, CU College Republicans will be holding its annual Columbus Day BBQ. Stop by for free barbecued ribs and chicken.

Your hour of celebration is from 12 to 1pm in the Van Am Quad.

Pictorial Representation of questionable policial correctness via Flickr

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  1. Anonymous  

    How can people celebrate Columbus Day? O_O

  2. Restall reader

    "Had Columbus not reached the Americas, any one of numerous other navigators would have done so within a decade" -Mathhew Restall... Discuss.

  3. Anonymous  

    Progressives oppose Columbus Day, therefore CU Republicans must oppose it.

    Am I far off?

  4. Twitch

    Progressives have made it about whether you believe the US is fundamentally evil and you regret that it ever existed, but are willing to work with it post facto, or whether you think the US is a good thing. Republicans fall into the latter camp.

  5. Anonymous  

    Or you could see the refusal to celebrate Columbus day an acknowledgment that the US, like any country, has done some horrible things in the past, and while we can't alter the past, we can choose whether or not we celebrate those atrocities.

  6. Anonymous

    the link for the full post below this one isn't working. :(

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