RoomHop: Catalog Chic Edition

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In Roomhopping, Bwog indulges its everlasting dream to host an HGTV show. Aesthetics Aficionado Whitney Wei reports.  If you think your swanky pad is worthy of being hopped, email us at [email protected] with photographic proof. 

“We wanted to make it homey and not a jail cell,” reflected Jordan Sholem, BC ’15, as her roommate, Chloe Kling, BC’15, nodded earnestly in agreement. The eager first years were disappointed to learn that they had been assigned one of the smallest doubles in Brooks, but the pair managed to transform their modest space into something spectacular.

Lined with cerulean “room pop” sticker stripes, the enviously tasteful room boasts a spectrum of blue, their favorite color. The clean lines and unified hues maximize the impeccably organized Brooks pad. Even working within the constraints of housing regulations, they matted fifties fashion photos in cardboard and expertly mounted them to the walls with blue painters tape instead of tacks. Wicker basket containers, matching navy bedding, and monogrammed pillows with each of their initials—all designer duds from Calypso Home and Jonathan Adler—complete the catalog chic vibe. 


The dorm is so cohesive down to the seat covers, it’s hard to believe Jordan and Chloe hadn’t known each other before arriving at Barnard. “No, we met through mutual friends from sleep-away camp,” Jordan explained. The two had requested each other, but never been formally introduced. For the bicoastal couple—Jordan hails from Los Angeles and Chloe from New York City—it was a match made in dorm room heaven.



The best part? “Walking in after a long day and knowing our room is so cozy,” Jordan beams, “it really doesn’t feel like a dorm.” With perfectly arranged pillows and a tiny white bouquet perched elegantly on the nightstand, the carefully curated room has become something wonderful that Jordan and Chloe adore. They’ve revamped drab white walls, fluorescent lighting, and a spatial nightmare to create a real home.

Photos by Whitney Wei

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  1. RR  

    I like that this is right above the Occupy Wall Street post.

  2. Anonymous  

    While this room is beautiful, the sticker stripes and hanging pictures violate Residential Hall policy.

  3. cc'11

    these chicks are hot. call me...

  4. Anonymous  

    woahh I want that room

  5. Goes  

    perfectly with an ice blue bong

  6. Anonymous

    wow! decorate MY dorm room!

  7. cc'15  

    sexy girls sexy room

  8. Anonymous

    Monogrammed pillows? Fifties magazine prints? Trying just a little too hard to be sophisticated.

    It's not bad, but I have no clue how they have time to make their beds every day.

  9. Anonymous  


  10. Anonymous  


  11. Anonymous  

    what happens if you use thumbtacks in the dorms?

  12. Anonymous  

    I'd be willing to bet those "designer" pillows cost more than I make in three months working 10 hours a week. Just saying...

  13. boh

    i want to #occupytheirroom

  14. ehh

    too bad they don't live in their dorm,
    rumor is they always sleep in their UES apartments
    (that's plural, as in each one has their own)

  15. Anonymous

    fun and happy
    instead of
    dull and drab

  16. GUYS, please

    A room cannot be "curated." A blog cannot be "curated." Your life cannot be "curated."

    This trend needs to end!

  17. ok bwog

    bwog.. this is not gossip girl. or is it?

    rumor has it that everyone needs to just chill.

    you are the 6% of the 1% so wtf are you doing with the #occupyanythingandeverything

  18. Damien  

    they're totally rich cause one of their dad's invented Toaster Strudel... On a serious note: I wish my room looked like that.

  19. Anonymous  

    Ok, Mr. Ocean.

  20. i'd climb in that window...  

    this is amazing. everyone just stop.

  21. YO


  22. Anonymous  

    I used to live in this exact room...it's so not worth decorating. It's seriously the size of a walk-in closet. The first picture shows practically the entire room. Ten bucks says they hate each other and their stupid matching pillows by the end of the year!

  23. I'll be the first to say it  

    sleepaway camp? jonathan adler? calypso st. barth? JAPS

  24. Anonymous

    barnard is the lolziest place ever

  25. hey jordan!

    just wondering: what does your dadd--father do? haha but serious question. i think you're pretty cute :) my fam would approve.

    - SEAS '11, SEAS '12 (MS)
    - son of "famous" family

  26. wait

    if they were indeed "rich" (and middle class doesn't count), why are they living in doubles? or do all barnard first years live in doubles?

  27. CC student  

    Lovely. I will pay for these girls to help me interior decorate and make the most of my space!

  28. Anonymous  

    I'd love to see how they pull the stickers off without peeling the paint.

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