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Your mom may not approve of your boyfriend’s tattoo, but what to make of emblazoned professors? Bwog, intent on writing a feature on professor body art, was rebuked by all but one decorated pedagogue. Even though they choose to display their tattoos publicly, they don’t want to talk about them. Except for Charlotte Glynn, MFA Candidate in Film at Columbia University of the Arts, and TA of Intro to Film Theory. Bwog’s Body Politics Bureau Chief Briana Last investigates:

Bwog: What and where is your first tattoo and when did you get it?

Charlotte: I got my first tattoo when I was sixteen. I got a Celtic knot. I think I just went through a weird Celtic phase. Under the age of 18, it’s just like, no. I just wanted a tattoo. My second tattoo is also Celtic. I mean, I have a tramp stamp, a Celtic tramp stamp.

Bwog: What did your parents have to say about all of this?

Charlotte: I didn’t get their permission, but my parents are very liberal. My dad used to joke that I became a vegan because both my parents are vegetarian.

Bwog: How many tattoos do you have?

Charlotte: I have six, but technically at some point I had seven. I went over my first tattoo so you can’t really tell it’s there.

Bwog: Do you ever get weird comments from students or other professors?

Charlotte: Thankfully I’ve chosen a profession where it’s not outside the norm. I don’t really think about it except with kids. I’ve taught younger students before and I try to hide them because I think it’s distracting. I taught high school this summer in Turkey and I was very cognizant of them and I got comments about my tattoos all the time. It was the first time that’s ever really happened to me. But, here I think it, or hope that it helps my students connect to me.

Bwog: Do you have any tattoos related to film?

Charlotte: I have a pirate lady holding a Super 8 camera. And that’s kind of related to what I mean about students connecting to me. On the first day of class we all went around and one of my students asked me about it. I’ve wanted to be a filmmaker all my life and so it was nice to share.

Bwog: Can you explain a little bit about this tattoo on your arm?

Charlotte: The peacock is standing on a rock where my old tattoo used to be. It’s very Columbia, you know, like Saint John the Divine. (She laughs). My ex-boyfriend, whenever I would talk too much would (pinches the beak of the peacock).


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