Bwoglines: Cleaning Up Edition

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For that tangy-fresh scent

Bloomberg stopped by OWS yesterday evening to tell protesters that if they don’t tidy up the property on which they’re protesting, they will have to leave on friday so a cleaning crew can do the work for them. (DNAInfo)

In other OWS news, our very own, clean-cut Jeffrey Sachs made a brief speech at the protest yesterday evening. (Youtube)

In an effort to clean up their financial situation, some college newspapers have erected paywalls for non-student readers. Don’t worry loyal, cheap readers. Bwog will never throw up (a paywall or anything else) on you. (Paidcontent)

Though it’s no secret to Columbia students that we’re always looking fresh, the New York Times ran a piece documenting the latest bizarre new college trend—dressing nicely. Click on the slide show to see several CU students represent. (NYTimes)

According to a recent study, heterosexual males are finally cleaning up their affection game. Men are now more comfortable verbally and physically expressing their platonic admiration for one another. In the U.K. 90 percent of heterosexual undergraduates “had at least once kissed a straight male friend on the lips.” Sadly, “things are not so fluid in the U.S. — he found 7 percent of heterosexual college guys had smooched a straight male pal.” (Salon)

Poorly-named product via wikimedia.

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  1. Anonymous

    I feel like I'm going to puke looking at that slideshow...how unfortunate.

  2. weird  

    I'm so confused about what that Times story is about. Women dressing nicely? Have their trendspotters been inside an Urban Outfitters? I want a damn trend story because I'm a male college student who managed to put on pants before noon. (khakis no less!)

    *not hating on the slideshow people. They look great, it's just I don't see what makes them noteworthy.

  3. Anonymous

    Careful, America, your prude is showing.

  4. What the fuck  

    if you wear heels to class i'm liable to punch you. so obnoxious. we're here to learn, it's not a fashion show.

    also tossing around money like that and boasting about it is extremely offensive. privileged silver spoon dumbasses.

    - BC '13

  5. Anonymous

    I knew this rich, arrogant Asian kid back in prep school. Now, I think I got the idea from an Amy Tan novel, but I once told him that the word "barf" meant something that was really cool.

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