Drinking with Bwog: The Columbian Pride

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This is how it feels to be two Columbia Prides deep

So you’re tired of toying around with the Bocce Ball and after “exorcizing” the Green Demon on the porcelain confessional last friday you’re not too eager to for a second taste. Pride of the The Columbia Bartending Agency Elliott Grieco mixes up something topical for this installment of Drinking with Bwog.

For homecoming week, we wanted to show a bit of school pride for the ol’ blue and white. So we decided to take that quite literally with a titular spin on a famous, classic (and potent!) drink. The result is basically a more colorful take on the Long Island Ice Tea. But of course, you want to be more classy than that, so we call it the Columbian Pride.

0.5 oz. Vodka
0.5 oz. Gin
0.5 oz. Rum
0.5 oz. Tequilla
0.5 oz. Blue Curacao
Sour mix
Splash of 7-Up

Pour the alcohol over ice in a highball-style glass. Fill the cup with the sour mix, then pour a small splash of 7-Up on top for a slightly fizzy sensation. Sour mix will give the drink a turquoise color, but if you’d like your drink to be a more festive Columbia blue, a colorless mixture of simple syrup and 7-up is an effective replacement for the green sour mix.

Do homecoming night right, but remember that this drink is as strong as 2.5 beers. Don’t swallow too much of your pride and  make sure you get home safe!

Silly cat via wikimedia.

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  1. Homecoming ?  

    Lulz. Can't wait till this year is over.

    -CC '12

  2. Hj  

    This will be my 5 hr energy shot for the midterms...
    Thank You.

  3. Don't judge

    I sorta wish alcohol was banned in and around campus.......ughhhhhh why are ppl so corrupt dav

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