Protest Against New Barnard Tuition Fees

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Starting at noon today on Lehman Walk, students will protest the recent changes to the Barnard tuition policy. Organizers ask that attendees and those who wish to show their solidarity wear the color red and change their facebook profile pictures to the Stand Up Barnard graphic (available on the facebook event page). 300 people say they’re attending, so keep an eye out for a sizable assembly come lunchtime.

Dean Hinkson visited SGA on Monday to talk about the changes, but did not address the critical date of the new policy’s implementation. Read and sign the protesters’ official petition, which currently boasts nearly 600 names, here.

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  1. this is bear shit

    go barnard; hope you get your way.


    We take the SAME CLASSES, get graded on the SAME DIFFICULTY, and almost SAME REQURIEMENTS as the Columbia College people and we go through the same hell, so why can't we get the same funding?

    Why don't GS up their admissions standards and then give us some funding?

    Like for me, personally, I was BARRED from even applying for transfer into CC/SEAS simply because I took 1 year off college. I had no choice but to apply to GS. My previous institution was an Ivy and my SATs were 790/720/800. I am at least "competent" to study here or be in CC but was just unable to even apply to CC simply because I had different life experiences. I'm also only 23 and unfortunately by financial aid rules, am dependent on parents. My family income is around $50k. So why did GS just force me to take out another $55,000 private loan this semester?

    Yes, there are some GS people who transferred in from community colleges and have SAT scores that wouldn't normally allow them to be admitted into Columbia CC/SEAS, but there are also people like me with the qualifying credentials who COULD have made it into CC but couldn't simply because someone who takes a year leave off college cannot apply.

    come on columbia GS. anyone want to protest with me?

    • ...  

      get out while you still can... gs is no bueno. epic debt, second class degree and honestly, who wants to spend their college years being part of an oppressed minority?

      go anywhere else. they may not have the resources, but what does it matter anyway, the majority of columbia's vast resources aren't for you... all those tuition dollars you're spending? they're buying things like world class sports centers and clubhouses up in inwood that you won't ever even see the interior of.

    • anan

      I am not sure what you are saying. If you wanted to go to Columbia or SEAS originally you should have applied. None of the ivy league schools accept students over 21, and some do not even take tranfers or students who took time off. That's the way it is. You are lucky that Columbia uniquely offers schooling for returning adults. And why should the government or anybody else be paying for YOUR education?

    • anon

      I am not sure what you are saying. If you wanted to go to Columbia or SEAS originally you should have applied. None of the ivy league schools accept students over 21, and some do not even take tranfers or students who took time off. That's the way it is. You are lucky that Columbia uniquely offers schooling for returning adults. And why should the government or anybody else be paying for YOUR education?

    • seas '11

      why did the above post get so many thumbs downs? he does point out a legit concern.

  2. Anonymous

    When people bitch about their financial aid packages it seems really ungrateful. You do realize you are getting FREE money right? I know college is expensive, but so are many great things in life. I don't see anyone giving me free money to buy a fancy new car, or free money to go travel the world. I understand that having more people go to college benefits the US in the long run, but it is still a service that someone is providing you, and it costs money! If you don't want to pay, go to state. I'm not even saying that in a negative way, you can get a completely legitimate education there for much less money.

    • But more importantly  

      Why is it that the Recent Comments change depending on the date of the article you're reading? Shouldn't it be universal?

    • ...  

      tell ya what. i have an old copy of stewart's calculus book laying around. it originally retailed for, i think like, $150. since it's the 5th edition (which is quite rare), it's kind of a classic now. i'll sell it to you for $500 with a $75 instant rebate.

      what's that? you don't want it? you heard i was selling the same book to thousands of others for $50/pop and that their copies are new while this one is used? you ungrateful little shit. don't you understand what service i'm doing for you here? how goddamn lucky you are to be able to even consider buying my old calculus book? i'm even offering you "FREE MONEY" and your ungrateful ass is too stuck up to even take it. who the fuck do you think you are? nobody ever offered me "FREE MONEY" when ...

      • Anonymous  

        Dude .Your metaphor sucks. I completely disagree with the person to whom you are responding, but you have done a terrible job of illustrating your point.

        • ...  

          a) there is no "FREE MONEY" involved when the people who set the tuition rate are also the people who hand out "FREE MONEY" that can be used against it. if they're controlling both knobs, they're doing nothing more than setting the price.

          b) the idea that it is unreasonable and ungrateful to complain about that price, regardless of how ridiculous it may be, because there is "FREE MONEY" involved is straight up offensive.


          • Anonymous  

            At the same time, how do you feel about people getting no financial aid? When you think about it, isn't it a bit unfair that one person gets "free money" and someone else doesn't (just like it is unfair that there are some getting MORE financial aid while others get less)? Shouldn't everyone pay the same amount?

          • Anonymous

            You do pay the same, in the sense that you are paying a similar percentage of your family's income that a student on financial aid is paying. Why would all students be charged the same amount? If you can pay the full tuition you should have to (and believe me, you'll WANT to, because you sure as hell don't want student loans, i.e. most of what "financial aid" actually is).

            Most of the comments on this post so far are completely ridiculous. Clearly you have no clue what it's like to actually graduate and have massive debt (and not be able to find a job), to the extent that even paying an extra $300 (Barnard's kind financial surprise for us last year) for an unnecessary meal plan becomes a huge burden.

  3. Anonymous

    To clarify: The Barnard protest isn't about financial aid. Our school has shitty financial aid, too, but at least we're all aware of that when we decide to enroll.

  4. Solution  

    they should let Columbia U buy them out! That way there wont be any issues with money. Times changes people change no need to keep this school single sex & they will have a better name under CU anyways!

  5. Anonymous  

    yea its called being a rich bitch you dont need to worry about financial aid cuz you gor ur trust fund paying for u

  6. Girls  

    Stop bitching, there are so many people in SEAS or CC that are full time their senior year and have jobs and internships.

    Life's tough, get a helmet.

    • Hannah  

      As an organizer of this event, I feel obligated to point out to you that this is not (at least, mainly) about the part-time vs. full-time option in principle. It is the fact that Barnard chose to tell us now that we could not go part-time after advisers had been recommending it to us since the beginning and we had planned schedules and tuition payments in the complicit understanding that this option would be available to us when we came to it. For Barnard to take this option away at once and without warning, and to do so knowingly, gives a glimpse into the inner mind of the Barnard admin and its theoretical vs. actual "support" and respectfulness towards students—a quality that is advertised on the tour and is a large selling point for the school. We feel the school is not representing itself in a fair and honest way as students are frantically dropping down to graduating sooner and scramble to find classes—or even majors—that will allow them to do that.

    • ugh  

      shut up cc, you're fat and everyone hates you

  7. Anonymous

    Barnard students should protest to force Barnard to join Columbia. Barnard is now a second rate school. Barnard should be joined with Columbia. This would solve many problems. Equal male to female ratio of undergraduates, no animosity between Barnard and CC and no difference in finances.

    Barnard students should insist on joining CC! The current situation is stupid!

  8. BC'13

    I agree with the above comment.

    Why doesn't Barnard want to join Columbia College?

    The financial aid situation would improve for Barnard students. We would be Columbia College and have better admission statistics. The boy:girl ratio would be normal...come to think of it, everything would be normal.

    I am sure there are good arguments for why having women's college is good. But, since CC went co-ed without Barnard, we have have become a much less competitive college.

    We should revisit this question.

    • Anonymous  

      If you want to be part of CC then why did you go to Barnard in the first place...?

      • kraz

        i hate these type of comments. someone complains about their school and you have a smartass commentator say 'you should have gone to harvard' or 'why didnt you go to upenn'. pointless response, zero addressing of issues. setting aside the elitist assumption that we got into all the schools we applied to, we are here now and that's what matters. if we find something wrong with our community, by all means comment on it or advocate for it, but please please refrain from belittling concerns like 'oh u should have gone there, you're here so shut up now'. most likely, OP did not get into CC or only applied to barnard but did not know that they are treated as second-rate citizens. same for GS kids who were told they were coming for an equivalent experience as a columbia undergraduate only to find out that they are treated even lesser than barnard. the community here is too divided. so stop jumping on other undergraduates and acknowledge the deficiencies that do exist in the columbia structure perpetuated by those who came before you because they affect your experience here. at the end of the day when you are employed (or unemployed, more likely these days), no one will care that you went to columbia. so at least if someone wants a better undergrad experience, at least don't just dismiss their concerns.

        • Wait a sec  

          I agree with your general point the it's not appropriate to respond to all criticism of one's school with "you should have gone somewhere else!" But I think this is a special case: the commenter is saying she actually wants to be part of CC, so I think it's fair to ask why she didn't just apply to CC?

          It's not that she's saying "I dislike Barnard," and someone's replying "You should have gone to Harvard!" It's more like she's saying "I want to transfer to Harvard," and someone's replying "Then why didn't you apply to Harvard in the first place?"

    • Anonymous

      Most people choose to go to Barnard for a reason. Intimate advising. One of the best (ranked) career centers. Female focused empowerment. Women's health center. Liberal arts sense of community. It's a unique education. If you wanted to go to Columbia College or SEAS you should transfer. But don't suggest destroying this uncommon institution just because you don't get it.

    • Anonymous

      What exactly is so "irregular" about the Barnard-Columbia relationship? You must spend way too much time on Bwog because in my four years at Barnard I never once had an issue with someone from Columbia that I actually spoke to in-person--male or female. Stop creating this ridiculous feud in your mind and on the internet, get out, and meet some real people who don't care where the fuck you go to school.

    • TROLLLLL  

      in the dungeon! just thought you ought to know

  9. Anonymous  

    Okay, this is what I don't understand about kids at Columbia/Barnard. First they protest against the bankers and businesses which sponsor our financial aid packages, and account for almost half of all of our revenue, then they turn around and protest hikes in tuition and drops in financial aid. Be realistic people. The money has to come from somewhere. If you want it to come from non-wall street sources, be prepared for tuition hikes. Thats the reality. Starving artists and freelance writers can't fund our schools. If Columbia/Barnard kids keep showing up to Occupy Wall Street, be prepared for further tuition increases and shrinking financial aid as bankers cut donations.

    I am not supporting or against the movement. All I am saying is if you are going to support it, you better be prepared to carry the consequences.

  10. lol

    Wow is this kid threatening us? Go home, soul-selling is not meant to be an enjoyable ride-nothing you say is going to make us support you. Sulk with your trust-fund baby friends from some jp morgan internship

  11. WTF

    do we protest everything at this goddam school. Has any one noticed that it doesn't get you any where?

    OMG the cafeteria ran out of chocolate milk last night...let's have a protest tmrw and let the administration know how we feel!!!!

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