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Even this robust stallion is no match for Alice's democratically chosen sleep mist

Alice! Health Promotion launched a poll yesterday evening in which students can write in and vote on new items. When the votes are in, Alice! will turn your clicking into free swag and give out the most popular choices. Current options range from the popular “Umbrella” to the mystifying “Sleep Mist.” Make sure to click View Results below the poll to look at some pretty graphs, one of which reveals a puzzling 75 votes cast from Croydon, GB.

Somnolent steed via wikimedia.

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  1. Anonymous

    where's the least awkward place to pick up free condoms? like a handful.

  2. Anonymous  

    Alice! Come to Wien they are right at the front desk no judgement!

  3. Anonymous

    Vote sleep mists please!

    I hear from an Ask Alice employee that the umbrellas will be of really low quality.

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