Bwoglines: Returns and Allowances Edition

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That must explain all those shopping carts

Columbia’s investments returned at a rate of 24 percent over the last year, edging out Harvard and Yale for the best-performing endowment among the Ivies. If only some of that gain could fix Bacchanal’s financial woes. (Bloomberg/Spec)

Forty years later a Barnard alum was reunited with her missing 14-karot gold watch after losing it in a New York subway station. Now let’s all be good netizens and “like” it on Facebook. (Boston Herald)

In one of the city’s recent corruption scandals a former NYPD detective testified in court against his narcotics squad after it falsified drug charges to meet arrest quotas. (NY Daily)

According to a report by the university’s Earth Engineering Center, up to 5.2 million households could be powered by the energy saved in recycling plastic waste. (CNET)


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  1. Corrupt NYPD

    A columbia student was arrested by the officer being testified against. RELEVANT!

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