Professor Makes Organic Chemistry a Breeze

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Technology can be a love or hate relationship. Fortunately, at least some professors are not afraid to embrace the newfangled world of technology that exists outside Columbia’s oak-paneled classrooms. Watch as organic chemistry professor Luis Campos shares a few moments from his lecture…in 20x.

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  1. Sigh  

    ... if only I could learn orgo at that speed too

  2. Orgo student  

    I wonder what catalyst sped up the video.

  3. Anonymous  

    oh orgo. never before have i heard the phrase "back side attack" so many times in a span of 75 minutes.

  4. Anonymous  

    haha, there's a guy on Bwog.


    I prefer Sn1 replacements - I do it from the front and behind.

  6. Anonymous

    through the eyes of an overly caffeinated campos.... (class inside joke)

  7. Troal

    I haven't watched....is this good? someone tell me. please. please. :(

  8. Anonymous

    take lambert instead

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