Bwoglines: Giving Up the Gun Edition

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Dartmouth’s football team gave up their ranking as 7th in the Ivy League, allowing Columbia to move up a spot. (Spec)

City officials report that Brookfield Properties abandoned their efforts to clean up Zuccotti Park yesterday, as Occupy Wall Street protesters held their ground and resisted evacuation efforts. (ABC News)

Google will shut down its attempt at a social networking site, Google Buzz, after it took much criticism for weak privacy settings. (Huffington Post)

Sean Parker and Mark Zuckerberg were involved in a drunken screaming fight outside a West Hollywood club and almost came to blows until they both stormed off in anger. (Gawker)

President Obama has decided to send 100 military advisers to Central Africa to help regional forces combat the Lord’s Resistance Army— a terrorist renegade group, after much pressure from human rights activists. (NY Times)

Resistance via Wikimedia Commons

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