The Wetness

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After many grueling hours of speculation in the lab, Bwog has decided that this QR code we spotted will take you one of three places:

1) A treasure map leading to a hidden plate of really moist muffins

2) A porn site

3) The AEPi homecoming party this Saturday

Are you daring enough to find out?

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  1. horny bro

    anna you bitch, WE were supposed to get married!

    -- horny alum CC '09 who wished he had put his dick inside your pussy before we all graduated and while he still had the chance

    • LMFAO

      honestly i don't think this "anna" of yours has even read Bwog since like when, 2008? assuming of course, we're speaking of the same anna.

      so ranting on bwog = yelling into black empty space.

      howwwwwwwweverr, as a fellow former sorority sister of hers, i can tell that you sound like a fucking douchebag. she's quite smart when it comes to men. not boys. :)

    • ...  

      Are you the "Anna Katz" loon? Either this is a (very stale) joke, or this girl should watch out for the stalker who's been posting about her (on Bwog, [email protected], etc.) for a few years now.

  2. to answer your question, bwog

    YES MY MUFFIN IS BUTTERED and i want a chick to lick it the fuck off!

  3. Anonymous

    Why is Bwog mentioning porn? That is so perverted and inappropriate. Is this the Ivy League? Wow, Mark Zuckerberger-wannabes

  4. Anonymous

    Bwog can go suck one. AEPi runs everything across America.
    Zuckerberg, Saverin, all the bosses of this Country.
    Go find time to investigate Sig Ep's sketchy scene cause we Jews are only helping our dying social scene in morningside

  5. Anonymous

    DJs Alpaca, Max Dru,z and the insanity of AEPi really lit up Morningside last night.
    I absolutely love Enrique. OMG, he's so spicy!!! ;)
    Barnard loves you!!!

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