Celebration Doesn’t Have To Be Stationary

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Interested in celebrating the fall harvest in style, but can’t find a good free-standing structure with a palm-leaf roof nearby? Chabad Lubavitch has conveniently set up a super-mobile sukkah on Broadway between 113th and 114th streets for your religious observance needs. For those unfamiliar with Jewish High Holidays, Sukkot is a weeklong festival commemorating the bounties of the previous year—kind of like Jewish Thanksgiving. It started last Wednesday at sunset, so you still have a few days to celebrate, whether in the back of a U-Haul pickup or on solid ground.

Who said ancient religious observance can't be convenient?

Also, Hillel’s celebrating the Festival of Booths with their own Sukkot themed version of the MP3 Experiment. L’Chaim!

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  1. challenge  

    there's one in barnard's quad lawn, pretty sure hillel has one somewhere. are there more? (besides the mobile one obviously)

  2. Anonymous  

    How long do you think it took Chabad to ghostride that sukkah?

  3. wow

    reliogious people are fuckin scary

  4. As a Jew..

    I don't always drive a pickup truck,
    but when I do, it has a Sukkah on the back

  5. from Chabad

    Chabad Sukkah Mobile will be making the rounds on both Morningside and Medical Campus Monday & Tuesday.

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