1. Male

    Sometimes I enjoy being the little spoon.

  2. girl  

    sometimes i like being the big spoon!

  3. OMG you guys

    That issss sooooooo photoshopped. hhahahahahaa, I just figured it out, it's supposed to be Ruggles but someone totes photoshopped it. Crazy kids. hahahaha lulz rofllmao.

    • Ummm....  

      Are you stupid? If you think photoshopping means using duct-tape to paste things...then yes?

      • OMG ur stupid

        That was drenched with sarcasm and 1337 [email protected]; welcome to the internet, I can see you're new here. It's depressing how the majority of readers didn't understand the humor (judging by where the upvotes lie).

        Hurp-durp ppl, L2Internet pleaz

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