You’re Probably Sitting in a Library Right Now

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Or maybe take a Butler nap?

Doing “work.” But, really, deleting Facebook friends and online shopping don’t count as being productive. Why not come hang out with Bwog for a bit, instead? Stop by the SGO at 7pm for our weekly meeting. There will be a variety of undisclosed free snacks. At least this way you can tell your roommate that you did stuff today without completely lying.

Students hard at work via Columbia

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  1. Nom Nom Xtina  

    that's SUCH a funny tumblr. check it out if you're in the libs for a fun-filled mini break.

  2. First order of business

    When ya'll are meeting tonight, you should first figure out WHERE IS HARDCORE?


    I am so, so, so mad. No, I take that back. I'm not mad. I'm just... disappointed.

  3. Um

    I'm actually not sitting in a library. So guess what that means my Bwoggerette Baguette? It means u are delightfully wrong. In fact, I am in a place that is not a library. I am using the internet, first of all.

    So this one is for you. Also not going for SGO. I do not advocate bad values. Oh oh oh please don't even complain about what you do not at my behest condescend.

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