ESC: More Bacchanal Funding Woes and Faster Package Pickup

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Sean Zimmermann reports from last night’s Engineering Student Council Meeting.


We wonder if the Package Center ordered their new computer with Amazon Prime

  • Bacchanal President Daniel Weinstein presented the group’s financial status to ESC, pleading that their current financial problems are the fault of university administration. As it stands, their budget is $38,000 less than it was last year. Bacchanal has already canceled its Fall concert (which costs $14,000) due to lack of funds.
  • ESC voted to conditionally fund Bacchanal $18,000 in ratio ($2,980 from ESC) pending an the results of a student-run audit into whether the problem was actually due to administrative error or poor planning by Bacchanal. The proposal is intended to allow Bacchanal to have a minimum budget so they can negotiate contracts. If the administration was at fault, and does partially reimburse Bacchanal, then the amount provided by the councils will be reduced accordingly.
  • VP Policy Logan Donovan reported that a new computer will be installed in the Lerner Package Center. This should increase the number of students that can pick up packages simultaneously. In theory.

Upgrade that might actually decrease Package Center efficiency via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Anonymous  

    Can we cut the budgets of some useless parts of this administration and get our damn concerts back...

  2. Anonymous  

    Fuck ESC, a new computer will solve nothing. There is always and extra computer just sitting there. IKON is the problem. There are either not enough staff there, or too many.

    • but

      the extra computer is for sending packages only. guy at package center told me they're going to put the other program on that computer too so that people can use it to pick up packages as well. so you're kind of wrong, it's not just another computer that's not being used. it's just not being used the way you want it to be used.

    • Nate ESC  

      The new computer will help alleviate package-pickup-delays. Previously, not all computers had the package-scanning software.

  3. Anonymous  

    Just hire less expensive bands. Most sure as hell sound better than Snoop anyway.

    I'd rather have something I like over a novelty.

  4. i guess then we should  

    give wbar a shot...their concert last term was amazing and im not even sure where wbar is

  5. Con-Cert

    This is injustice. U best bring us J-Bieber!

    + Obama for Class Day.....


  6. Anonymous


  7. Anonymous  

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