Bwoglines: Mishaps and Milestones Edition

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Keep it to Wall Street.

Following the historic prisoner swap, Gilad Shalit’s sister was spotted donning a Columbia sweatshirt for the long-awaited reunion. (BBC, Haaretz)

A Columbia study to be published later this month finds that driving under the influence of Marijuana doubles the chance of a car crash. Don’t drive while high, kids! (USA Today)

Presidential hopeful Herman Cain is adamant that his 9-9-9 tax plan wasn’t inspired by Sim City, but that hasn’t kept other candidates from bashing it anyways during last night’s debate. (HuffPo, WP)

Some property owners are working hard to ensure that Occupy Wall Street doesn’t end up spilling into neighboring areas, planting pre-emptive “No Camping” signage in three public plazas in midtown.

Unhappy campers via Wikimedia Commons


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