Bwoglines: Exotic Discoveries Edition

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A discovery

This morning Libyan forces claim to have captured Muammar Gaddafi, who was hiding in a hole. (BBC)

Update 12:15 pm: Some are reporting Gaddafi dead.

According to an ancient Greek manuscript dating back to 100 AD, wrestling is the oldest sport. The text was presented to the Columbia Rare Books and Manuscripts library on Tuesday, and will be the central text in next year’s GymHum. (USAToday)

A group of 56 exotic animals “that included wolves, monkeys and 18 Bengal tigers,”  escaped a private reserve in Ohio yesterday and have all been shot or captured by police. (NYTimes)

Animal lovers upset by the news can console themselves by answering New Zealand’s call to knit sweaters for penguins. (Gothamist)

State tax collections, while up from the same time last year, are struggling to meet the Cuomo administration’s targets. (WSJ)

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  1. Anonymous

    Those animals didn't just escape, they were released by some nutter who "set them free" before shooting himself.

    • They weren't all shot

      Most were but some were captured. Can you imagine a small town police officer handling dozens of big cats on the loose? They really had no option but to kill them.

      Also, Gaddafi is now reported dead.

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