Bwoglines: Spoils of War Edition

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Dihydrogen monoxide, the silent killer

A panel met at the Earth Institute to discuss the implications of seven billion and counting. Included is the prospect for water wars—no, not like last summer’s backyard pool party summit. (Livescience)

For better of for worse, President Obama seems to have changed the face of war. At least we’re not getting freedom agendas shoved down our throats. (Slate)

With Gadhafi gone, rumors have been swirling about his house in Englewood, New Jersey. It’s too bad he didn’t move back to the ‘burbs where we could have offered a tray of jello and tried convincing him to step down. (Metropolis via WSJ)

Weekend warriors always trying to get downtown amid service changes will be relieved to know that conductors get lost, too. As in they sometimes forget which station is next. (Gawker)

 Face of no remorse via Wikimedia Commons

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    amazing gawker article about the mta. thanks bwog!

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