Announcing Bwog’s Inaugural Pumpkin Carving Contest

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It’s that time of year! As the end of midterms slowly crawls closer, we’re just a week away from Halloween. This past weekend, the Marching Band carved these pumpkins for the Dartmouth-Columbia football game in Hanover (one of several clashes with the Big Green this past week). To help you get in the holiday spirit, we’re holding a pumpkin carving contest, and we want you to submit pics of your creations to [email protected].  We’ll post our favorites Halloween night, and, if eternal fame and glory isn’t enough of a prize for you, we’ll also award some pumpkin ale to the winners.

If you don’t know where to start, you can get affordable pumpkins at the Farmer’s Market, Westside, or Garden of Eden. As for the design, be creative! If you don’t feel like bashing our ivy-counterparts, you can always opt for a classic. Let the carving begin.

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  1. This Pumpkin  

    Can be attributed to one Bree Doering BC '12, member of the CUMB and past Poet Laureate, created at the Dartmouth v. Columbia slaughterfest '11.

  2. Alumna

    I probably should be attempting to embrace adulthood/my supposed post-college maturity, but that pumpkin makes me too proud. Roar lion roar.

  3. Anonymous  

    That was definitely the best part of the game. Also, taking solace in our booze afterwards, because we always lose lose lose.

  4. Anonymous  

    Spectacular, Bree!

  5. The marching band  

    Is always so fucking clever!

  6. Sandy V.

    That photo warms the cockles of this alum's black heart. Well done, CUMB.

  7. Bree's Mom

    That's my girl!

  8. This Photo

    Can be attributed to one Meko He GSAS '12, member of the CUMB, taken at "the Dartmouth v. Columbia slaughterfest ’11".

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