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If Live at Lerner is Lollapalooza, this is Coachella. In a miraculous coincidence of students coming together around genuinely cool, good music, “Ambassador of Boogie Funk” Dam-Funk is playing an in-studio session at WBAR right now. You can tune in via www.wbar.org (or stop by Sulz Basement, if you’re really enterprising) and jam out.

“My voice sounds like this because I’m hovering,” he says!

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  1. Anonymous

    RAWR I needed more warning about this - I missed it. DAM-FUNK HOT DAMN

  2. Anonymous  

    Natalie Robehmed is dreamy.

  3. Anonymous  

    someone throw a match in there, wbar is horrid

  4. ponderous fan

    what happened to puppy cops? those dudes were the shit

  5. Anonymous  

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