Potulenta Ex Machina

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A new breed of vending machine has been spotted in Uris and the Law Library. Marvel with us at the crowning achievement of beverage dispensing technology—the intuitive interface, the high-definition lowercase fonts, the ability to awkwardly sort of spin images on the screen with your finger and maybe select an item after pressing a button several times. Touch the future.

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  1. Newest Follower  

    I marvel at this wonderful creation. Truly we must worship it as if it were a God.

  2. Anonymous  

    Waiting to travel in time and have visions of an older me with this ominously appearing at the foot of my bed.

  3. Anonymous

    that machine has been there since the beginning of the school year. not news

  4. ...  

    is it just me, or are the vending machines in uris actually cheaper than those found in other spots on campus?

  5. Anonymous  

    omg thought it said polenta ex machina that would have been better

  6. Anonymous  

    this reminds me of those gene dispensers in Bioshock

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