Food Trucks Combine Powers to Make Culinary Megazord

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It'll look something like this

If you don’t get the reference, then you probably had good parents who kept you away from the TV. Anyways, Coolhaus NY and Korilla BBQ are joining forces to give you free food. But, the charity started at Noon and the whole free part is only true for the first 500 people. Oh, and you might have to “like” them on Facebook or tweet about the event, and provide proof at the truck! At least the free ice cream will help you swallow your social networking pride.  So go, now! They’ll be at 116th and Amsterdam until 1pm.

UPDATE: Word has it that you can satiate their social networking demands by giving up your email address. Throw in an extra number or word to avoid the spam but make it seem legit.

pic via Henson Grid

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  1. Anonymous

    It's megazord, bwog, not megazorg. Come on, work on your power ranger trivia.

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