Bwoglines: Priorities Not Quite in Line Edition

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Go ahead I dare you

Interested in running for mayor? Have a record? Christine Quinn, Bill de Blasio and Scott Stringer are among the prospective candidates touting their arrest records for civil disobedience. Even former mastermind Bill Clinton knows it’s not always “a question of did he inhale or not” (NYT)

To solve the city’s growing litter problem, the MTA plans to reduce the number of garbage bins in subway stations. That’s almost like trying to stop people from using Starbucks restrooms by self-appointing a serial masturbator—oh, wait. (Huff Po, Gawker)

No matter if the economy’s up or down, Americans seem to at least cherish their fancy beer and cheese. And it’s not just men doing it, either. (Slate)

New York, the city where dreams are made, is now just another place to blow off your life savings. (Gawker)

Gut-wrenching decision via Wikimedia Common

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