Hey, Your EC is Leaking

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We’ve received word that something seriously foul is flooding EC in at least two places. Housing sez all available facilities workers and administrators are already on the scene fixing the leak. As for what’s leaking, we dunno. Venom?

UPDATE: Public Safety has closed the main EC entrance. The powers that be are directing residents to the loading dock entrance on Morningside Drive. EC, what an oozer!

A tip and two photos:

A mysterious, stinky, steaming black goo is flowing down the stairs from the faculty housing in ec. Elevators have been shut down. The cast of sweeney Todd, rehearsing in the lounge, first noticed the goo seeping into the room. One cast member says, ”smells like poop and chemicals.”

photos thanks to John Nordin and Jesse Wayne

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  1. Anonymous  

    lolz sweeney todd is the best play evar

  2. must be

    some vaginal residue...

  3. Anonymous  

    Enter EC from Morningside Entrance - no other way currently.

  4. Anonymous

    Let people know that there is an exit diagonally across the entrance. Go through staircase Y down to B2, walk across the hall and exit right. elevator may not be working and the main entrance is blocked. Try not to go back to rooms due to possible electrical issues. The leak may be from a heating system so I personally suggest closing heating. This is not a joke. Jack

  5. people

    need to chillll out. Elevators are down so...be patient? I mean, what else are you going to do? Dude in front of me was flipping his shit because he had heavy groceries.

  6. Anonymous

    We should file a class action lawsuit demanding $10 for this disgusting inconvenience. Hell, we could maybe even file this shit in small claims.

  7. EC Resident  


  8. Anonymous  

    Woooo! Go lions, we may not win football but we're #1 in getting shit on.

  9. Mrs. Lovett

    And I thought my meat pies stunk.

  10. Anonymous  

    Bwog...I like you more when you use proper English language.

  11. Shhhhhhhhhhhh  


  12. So uh...  

    Anymore updates?

    While it is the case that I literally live within 20-30 yards of the flooding, I would far prefer that the good people at Bwog tackle the stairs, venture into the outside world, and tell me what the hell is going on out there.


  13. Anonymous  

    24 people were directly affected and relocated to temporary housing. H103 was affected the most. Emergency cleaning crew is cleaning the rooms now. Room Keys and linens are given out in Hartley. Again Staircase Y in the northeastern corner leads to floor 2B from where you can exit.

    Water seeped through the walls and was dripping from the ceilings. We definitely lost more than $10 worth of stuff.

    It makes no sense that the security guards did not know of the Y staircase exit and I had to find it and lead people to salvation...

    This is not a joke,

  14. Hey everyone,  

    The regular entrance is open again; the morningside one is closed.

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