Laughably Predictable

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Well, that was quick. While this fence probably isn’t here to stay, it is still a bit disheartening to have our hopes of enjoying the sight of a bit of green in the last sunny days of the year mercilessly crushed by the presence of this drab eyesore.

Right photo by Chris Mulligan

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  1. WTF  

    WTF why must they torture use like this????

  2. Anonymous

    Put in more grass and trees.

  3. Anonymous  

    its probably just because the grass is new. once it settles in they'll probably get rid of it, because it looks really weird having that fence around it.

    • it's true  

      After all, fences might look strange to tour groups.

    • Lee Bollinger  

      Nope. Universities are ostensibly built for students, but I like to think of Columbia as a gated communi...I mean, private propert...y'know, an ivory tower...I mean, where the hell do you think you are that you can freely walk on the grass like that? Brown? Get your ass back to Wien. You smell like 1968.

  4. Anonymous  

    High-ass fence and shit

  5. Anonymous  

    They're not trying to keep us out, they're trying to keep something IN...

  6. Anonymous  

    that fence is really depressing...

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