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Even Bwog's favorite animal, squirrels, loved fall break.

Fall break end too soon? Where Art Thou?, Bwog’s favorite Wednesday feature gives you a change to relive fall break through culture! And art! If you want to whine about missing fall break and/or submit an event to be featured here, email [email protected].


  • KCST’s Alice in Wonderland, 8pm in the VagBox (aka the Diana Black Box). Addition performances on Friday and Saturday at 8pm. The King’s Crown Shakespeare Troupe is proud to present the Manhattan Project’s beautiful and innovative adaptation of the Lewis Carroll’s classic, Alice in Wonderland. Free.
  • Sabor Presents Raices de Amor, 8pm in Roone. Come join Sabor for their annual fall dance show! This year, the theme is Raices de Amor or Roots of Love. $8.
  • Quarto presents: A Picture’s Worth, 8pm in 501 Dodge. In our ekphrasis hour, we’ll present creations by local artists and have live music by Pinegrove. During this time, you can write your responses, mingle, and chillax. For the next hour we’ll bust out the mic, open the floor, and invite you to share what you’ve written. And yes, there will be food.
  • Sakuntala and the Ring of Recollection, 8pm in Lerner Black Box. Additional show on Saturday at 8pm. Translated to English from its original Sanskrit, “Sakuntala” is about a king who secretly marries an ascetic’s daughter and is then cursed to forget their love. $3.
  • University Raqs!, 2pm – 4pm in Roone. Featuring collegiate bellydance troupes from across the east coast as well as special guests Mimi Fontana and Luna of Cairo. It aims to increase awareness about the growing Middle Eastern dance community, especially among college students. $7 CUID, $15 without.

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  1. Anonymous  

    I'm really excited to see Sakuntala. I've heard it's funny and crazy

  2. Matt Martinez  

    Is going to be so hot in Alice. Can't wait to see it!

  3. Anonymous  

    I wish I had friends so I could go to things like this with them.

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