Bwoglines: Smoldering Ruins Edition

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It's a metaphor

In case you missed the Republican debate last night, here are some of the takeaways. In case you just want to see Perry’s political career take a nosedive, here’s the video. (Politico)

After it came to light that a former assistant coach at Penn State had been repeatedly caught sexually abusing children and that the administration failed to fully prosecute him, Penn State president Grahm Spainer and legendary college football coach Joe Paterno were fired. Last night students rioted in the streets, upset by the loss of Joe Paterno. (NYTimes)

Our very own Dan Dguyen won the College Fire Safety Video Contest. Check out his submission here. (FireEngineering)

Willie Geist penned a poignant essay about taking his 4-year-old daughter to a Columbia football game. Among the many highlights: “I stretched our day into the fourth quarter by letting Lucie draw in the game program — she colored in the head shot of Columbia University president Lee Bollinger.” Haven’t we all Lucie, haven’t we all. (Grantland)

Flaming vehicle via wikimedia.

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  1. Hilary Duff  

    Love me, love me
    Feed the flame
    If you want me back again
    Burn to the sky
    Higher and higher
    Baby, can you play with fire?

  2. Anonymous  

    If that was the video that won the contest, I'd like to see what it beat out...

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