Bwoglines: The Tragedy and Comedy of Life Edition

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Despite its title, the Divine Comedy wasn't all that funny

Conservative activist and Michael Moore wannabe James O’Keefe took on the J-School’s Dean of Student Affairs during his latest tour of journalism school campuses. After being laughed at by the dean, a bemused O’Keefe had no choice but to walk out. (Gawker)

U.S. Rep. Charles Rangel has endorsed the recent subpeonea on WHDLC, the financial group responsible for distributing funds for the Manhattanville expansion project. The call for a formal investigation comes after accusations that the group spent more on consulting than actual community programming. (DNAinfo)

Talk about an easy A. One GW professor resigned last month after apparently never teaching two out of the three classes he was signed up to teach. Instead students did no work, but received A grades. Best part: the university is refunding tuition fees and letting students keep the grade. (WaPo)

Hate trudging through sewage backflow? A business has compiled an interactive guide to Midtown’s worst puddles, calling on the city to fix the offending sewers. Meanwhile West Side residents scoffed at their complaints, as they have always had to put up with sewage backflowit’s called the Hudson River. (DNAinfo via Gothamist)

 Manhattan Lodging via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Anonymous  

    O'Keefe refers to himself as a muckraker -- doesn't he know what muckraking means? Obviously has not taken a U.S. History course, or else he would understand the bad connotation. And he would also probably know what Upton Sinclair's The Jungle is, and probably wouldn't love it so much anymore.

  2. Anonymous  

    am i missing the joke where tragedy is spelled with a j?

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