It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

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With glimpses of the holiday season around us, we must wonder whether it’s really too early. After all, temperatures are finally dipping, the lights are going up on college walk, and your dorm radiator is belching out all kinds of fluids. And since it’s the weekend, you can finally walk down to the new Crumbs that just opened shop, which is giving away a free medium coffee with any food purchase for the next 2 weeks!

At least one undergrad knows how to spread the holiday cheer

You know it

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  1. really?  

    you guys can't review crumbs urself?

  2. i want a timeturner

    it's not even thanksgiving yetttttt

  3. The christmas cheer  

    in the first pic is of a John Jay RA's door, not an undergrad's - only an RA would force a holiday upon his residents on the first day of November (which is when he put it up). (:

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