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This season has not been kind to Columbia football, to say the least. And, for those of you who didn’t tune into today’s game, the Lions suffered a 41-62 loss at the hands of the Cornell’s Big Red, which is actually a bear. (No more random than Dartmouth’s mascot, so we’ll cut the Ithacans some slack.)

But it’s not all bad. Bwog would be remiss not to point you to Willie Geist’s piece for Grantland, in which he braves the 1 train and not-quite-four-quarters of Ivy League football with his 4-year-old daughter in tow. Geist, likely unwittingly, hits on some essential Columbiana:

You’ve been meaning to dust off the tuxedo and see Don Giovanni at the Met. You’ll probably have some champagne and light hors d’oeuvres while you’re there.

All he forgot was the concert report, due in class on Monday.

I stretched our day into the fourth quarter by letting Lucie draw in the game program — she colored in the head shot of Columbia University president Lee Bollinger.

Bwog, like Geist’s pre-school aged daughter, is fascinated with PrezBo. Indeed, we’ve helped you to fill in many-a-square on your “The Faces of Lee Bollinger” bingo game. You’ve seen PrezBo the football fan and PrezBo the runner/swim team enthusiast. We’ve provided incisive analysis of the aforementioned headshot, and carved his face on pumpkins.

If all of that isn’t enough to entice you to read the piece, Geist refers to Harvard as “The Golden Pants” throughout.

Running with the pigskin via GoColumbiaLions

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  1. love me some Willie  

    "no one roots for Harvard in anything — in sports or in life"

  2. will we

    go 0-11?
    time will tell..then maybe the football players will be humbled

  3. ...  

    look on the bright side... if they never win and there's no grand brand image to protect, the odds of anyone attempting to cover up child rape to protect the image of columbia athletics is essentially nil.

  4. 2 options  

    1.Disband the football team- these kids are a waste of space>

    2. Allow athletic scholarships. 95% of these kids cheat on their tests to earn crap grades anyway- lets bring in some actual players instead of these no talent, no brain losers.

  5. Anonymous  

    Haha great article!

  6. proud student athlete  

    "95% of these kids cheat on their tests to earn crap grades anyway- lets bring in some actual players instead of these no talent, no brain losers"

    First off we go to the same classes and take the same tests everyone else does and we do study and earn our grades which are not crap more times than not. True, a good number of us might not be here without athletics helping us get in, but at least we do something for ourselves and the university unlike the countless legacy kids who are here only because mommy and daddy gave the school a ton of money. TRY and do what we do with sports and school. The lack of respect non-athletes have for athletes here at CU is sickening

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