Bwog is Shocked By All of This Culture!

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What better way to supplement your Saturday night munchies with food with that is laden in festivity and easy on the wallet? The Columbia Asian American Alliance had Bwog at $1 bubble tea. Come to the Broadway room of Lerner tonight from 8 to 10 p.m. for cultureSHOCK. There will be free food made from the nimble hands of AAA members, bubble tea that puts Café East to shame, and live entertainment from Fish for Bears and Mitchell Grey (don’t worry, they are soo not mainstream). Also, take your chances in raffles for cultureSHOCK swag and maybe even receive some free Ryan Bandong (member of Mitchell Grey) merch.

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  1. Anonymous

    would you have used "nimble hands" if the students were white?

  2. Anonymous  

    Any other non-religious suburban upper middle class white kids want to start a culture club? Honestly, there are so many clubs that I'm not allowed to join and events at which I don't really feel welcome. Sometimes Columbia's commitment to diversity is exhausting.

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