Bwoglines: Gravity’s Rainbow Edition

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Launch: Columbia’s Graduate School of Architecture, in conjunction with the automobile company Audi, has kicked off a new project entitled “Experiments in Motion.” The project will consist of a series of experiments to identify new paradigms of motion, mobility, and design. Don’t be surprised if you spot PrezBo gunning down College Walk in a fresh Audi for the sake of “research”. (Reuters)

Powered Ascent: The Quidditch World Cup is taking place today and tomorrow on Randall’s Island. Come support your fellow Columbians in their flight to victory. Just because the last movie has been released doesn’t mean you should’t be armed with a wand at all times. (Spec)

Coasting Flight: A new Crumbs Bakery has opened on 109th.Will they coexist with Hungarian in a peaceful world where we are all united by buttery goodness? Or will the frosting hit the fan, resulting in hour long conversations on Low where you and your friends argue the merits of each.(My Upper West)

Ejection Charge: “The Champagne Diet”— a new diet that utilizes booze as a key tool in loosing weight, has been released by food blogger Cara Alwill Leyba. (Gothamist)

Slow Descent: Graham Spanier, former Penn State president who was fired for not taking action against Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky after he was witnessed the coach molesting children in the showers, will still be allowed to stay at Penn as a teacher. (HuffPo)

Recovery: After much pressure from environmental activists, Obama will delay a decision on the Keystone XL Oil Pipeline until after the 2012 election. (NY Times)

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  1. Hate to be that guy, but...

    It should be losing, not loosing.

  2. Anonymous  

    allowed to stay at Penn State*

    "Penn" makes it sound like you're referring to University of Pennsylvania. There's a big difference.

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