Bwoglines: Nothing in Particular Edition

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Soak it up guys, this is what fame feels like.

Do yourself a favor, and go peruse National Geographic’s Photo Contest 2011. (The Atlantic)

You’ve always known that New York real estate was expensive, and that Columbia didn’t exactly cut you a deal with dorms, but these kids in California have taken off-campus living to another level. (NY Times)

Columbia’s basketball team got a ton of press the other day when Jeremy Lamb (UConn’s sophomore pre-season All-American) posterized some unlucky Columbia player. (The Smoking Section)

Ever the frugal business man, Jay-Z sold Occupy Wall Street T-shirts, but didn’t share the profits with the protestors. The protestors made super dick comments to the press, and Jay-Z took down the shirts. (THR, TMZ)

blurry poster via HuffPo

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  1. Anonymous  

    holy shit! picture number 8 is gonna give me nightmares for the rest of my life... spiders.......

  2. he got

    owned, might as well quit the team now...even someone from cornell or a better ivy program could do that so watch out.

  3. Anonymous

    Why are we only angry at wealthy CEO's and Wall Streeters? Why aren't we angry at musicians, rappers, actors, models, reality tv stars that make millions doing nothing? Why aren't we angry at Kim Kadashian, Jay-Z, Usher, etc, who go to occupy Wall Street wearing $35,000 outfits?

    • Anonymous

      You shouldn't be mad at any of them. They fucking worked their way into fame through years of hard work and practice. Blame people who buy their shit or watch their TV shows if you want, but you have no right to be mad at the artists.

      Sure, you could call them hypocrites, but so are any supporters who pay $50k here at Columbia.

  4. ...  

    merced is kinda like fresno's little shit brother. how on earth anyone thought it would be a good idea to build mcmansions there is totally lost on me.

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