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Lassen wir uns ├╝ber Musik sprechen. Bacchanal took to Bwog last Thursday┬áto stir up recommendations for Spring’s annual concert, and boy did ya’ll deliver. One hundred and seventy comments later, a ton of possibilities are on the table. The folks over at Live at Lerner conveniently created a Spotify playlist on Facebook┬ásampling just a few dozen of the most popular suggestions. Here’s a streamable mix provided by Live at Lerner:

Below are the artists in the mix. Is your favorite missing? Let us know in the comments or email Bacchanal.

  • Arcade Fire
  • M83
  • James Blake
  • Florence + The Machine
  • Mumford & Sons
  • Janelle Mon├íe
  • St. Vincent
  • Empire of The Sun
  • Grizzly Bear
  • Lana Del Rey
  • Cults
  • Dirty Projectors
  • Beach House
  • Wilco
  • Radiohead
  • Passion Pit
  • The Lonely Island / Justin Timberlake
  • Childish Gambino
  • Drake
  • Nicki Minaj
  • Afrojack
  • Quintino
  • Deadmau5

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  1. Anonymous  

    fleet foxes fleet foxes fleet foxes fleet foxes fleet foxes

  2. Anonymous

    or shwayze!!

  3. Anonymous  

    Actually, it's "Lassen wir uns ├╝ber Musik sprechen" -- google translate fail.

  4. Live at Lerner  

    is awesome.

  5. Anonymous  

    Yeah, so that's actually not Bonfire by Childish Gambino. Idk who that is, but here's the actual song:

  6. Um  

    Is there any way we can get the Metropolitan Opera for Bacchanal? CUSH can open for them.

  7. its gotta be  

    passion pit or Gambino

  8. anon

    tyler the creator!!! odd future!!

  9. Austra  

    Seriously. Austra. I think they're pretty affordable too. Definitely some kind of electronic act, I'm sick of has-been hip hop and super-twee yuppie mom music.

  10. Love me some alums  

    Vampire Weekend

  11. Anonymous  

    Vampire Weekend!!!!!!!!!!



  13. Anonymous  


  14. Anonymous  

    add kaskade.

    that is all

  15. Anonymous  

    add Jay-Z.
    'tis is all.

  16. Anonymous  

    Childish Gambino. Please. I would die.

  17. Anonymous  

    jukebox the ghost! i honestly think they're affordable. they are AWESOME.

  18. dear bacchanal  

    it's already posted in your list, but PLEASE arcade fire. love, cc'12.

  19. Anonymous

    Not enough hip-hop.

  20. let's have  

    janelle monae. chick is awesome beyond belief

  21. Anonymous  


  22. Anonymous  

    Not enough cowbell.

  23. 2013  

    There are about two options that y'all have submitted that are actually affordable.
    Arcade fire? Drake? Fleet foxes? Florence and the freakin' machine?! Get real, people. We don't have the $$$ for them. So far, Jukebox and Childish Gambino seem like the most plausible choices.

  24. Grizzly Bear

    played columbia a few years ago (with the National).

  25. Givers  

    best show I've honestly ever seen. Or Vacationer.

  26. Anonymous  

    I prefer Mr. Little Jeans or Miike Snow over Arcade Fire.

    Mumford and Sons - good for listening while homework but not for a concert

    Just get Empire of the Sun, Deadmau5, and Childish Gambino and call it a day

  27. Anonymous  

    The Metropolitan Opera.

  28. Anonymous  


  29. Anonymous  

    Grace Potter and the nocturnals; skillrex; childish gambino

  30. Anonymous  

    fleet foxes seconded!

  31. Anonymous  


  32. Passion Pit!!!!  

    They're amazing live! And their music is great for dancing.

  33. anonymouse

    A few more indie bands:
    Phantogram, Ratatat

    I've been to a Ratatat concert, and it was one of the best experiences of my life... Also, I know someone who's gone to a Phantogram concert and said it was pretty tight. Might be alternatives that are slightly easier to book than others on the list :)

  34. Wait  

    Foster the People is actually such a good idea, it'd be fun and possibly cheapish?

  35. Anonymous


  36. Virtue of a Knife

    Surfer Blood. Best Coast. Duh.

  37. _danger_

    Deer Slosher and the Killer Sting and/or Bob Crusoe should open, no matter who headlines

  38. Anonymous  

    deadmau3 might be cheaper than deadmau5

  39. Anonymous

    the naked and famous... you wont regret it



    (make me believe that all is not lost at this institution)

  41. ps  

    no passion pit. sooooo dated~*
    and lana del rey has like...3 songs. One of which is okay at best.


  42. glitterluver  


  43. WAIT  

    JANELLE MONAE IS THE BOMBBB pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease

  44. Anonymous  

    the naked and famous!


    Gotta keep the jeep ridin!

  46. Anonymous  

    Just to get an idea...
    Nicki Minaj-$35k Plus Rider OBO
    Kid Cudi-$55k Plus Rider OBO
    Monica-$35k Plus Rider OBO
    Plies-$45k Plus Rider OBO
    Soulja Boy-$40k-$45k Plus Rider OBO
    Young Jeezy-$60K Plus Rider and Travel
    Gucci-$65K Plus Rider OBO
    Dipset -$45k Plus Rider OBO
    T.I-$110 Plus Rider
    B.O.B.-$35k-$65k Plus Rider OBO
    The O Jays-$80K Plus Rider

    As much as Deadmau5, Tiesto, Afrojack, etc would be awesome they charge over $200k per performance...

  47. Anonymous  

    Eminem Eminem Eminem!!!

  48. Walter von Internet  

    Pretty sure the only correct answer here is Titus Andronicus. Amazing band, amazing shows, amazing beard. Childish Gambino is an acceptable second choice.

  49. Anonymous  


    Ben Kweller

  50. Speechless  

    Who the fuck still listens to Passion Pit? I thought Columbia was better than that.


    Whoa. Janelle Monae is by far the best idea I've heard so far. She's kinda indie and hipster so it satisfies that crowd (right? Pitchfork likes her so everyone else is obligated to as well? Right?). But she can actually get the crowd hype so it satisfies the people who actually want to enjoy BACCHANAL, which, if we are to be true to the name, should consist of equal parts hype, alcohol, and sex (and provide the first two, and the third is guaranteed to follow).

    Yo. Janelle Monae. PERFECT. BEST IDEA.

    Also Arcade Fire would be cool but less hype than Janelle Monae. J. Cole would be awesome on the grounds that J. Cole is awesome, but lame on the grounds that J. Cole is only good at sad songs. Kid Cudi is weed music, i.e., not hype. Nicki Minaj would also be awesome.

    • STFU  

      Have you not been reading these posts? NONE OF THOSE ARTISTS ARE AFFORDABLE. jesus. get it together, columbia.

    • ...  

      well you're certainly in for a shock when you see how these things actually materialize.

      the problem with bacchanal is that it takes place smack dab in the middle of campus which pretty much guarantees that even if the act is good, the environment is stodgy, dry and weird.

      i mean, seriously. i've always thought that summer stage was a pretty stodgy venue, but then along came bacchanal... bacchanal makes summer stage look like burning man.

      if they really wanted to do something fun, they should take that money and rent a club for the night and have the thing off campus. alternatively, work with the parks department and have it in morningside or riverside park.

      no matter what, having it in front of low library guarantees that the admin will ensure that the experience will resemble nothing more than a nice orderly trip to the dmv with potentially good muzak.

  52. Anonymous  

    MUMFORD & SONS! Or anything folksy, really.

  53. Anonymous  

    WAKA FLOCKA FLAME actually

  54. Insane Clown Posse  


  55. columbia hipster

    Why don't I suggest a stupid band that only I have heard about and then pretend that my taste in music is better than everyone else;s when said band doesn't get picked...

    Moral of the story: Please stop putting the random bands that you know have no chance in hell of getting picked, aka: Fleet Foxes, Mumford and Sons, Janelle Monae (seriously wtf is that), Passion Pit, Sea Wolf

    You put all these names together and notice a trend: hipsters can't name their bands well...

  56. Anonymous  

    I saw Phantogram, Fresh and Onlys, Tune-Yards, Release the Sunbird, Macklemore, Paper Diamond, Best Coast and Junip (amongst many other more expensive bands) at Outside Lands this summer. They were all unbelievable, Phantogram and Tune-Yards especially, and I'm sure much more affordable than almost every suggestion here.

  57. James blake!  

    James blake!

  58. um  

    if you are a hipster and you like janelle are either part black or all black. her music has too much soul to be of the fully hipster liking (yes, i said it). secondly, she would rock the shit out of that stage.

    also, Gambino is a mastermind

  59. Skrillex  

    YEAH! But also, I'd rather have the concert at night and on the steps than during the day and the lawn. That is more important than the artist imho

  60. ass ass ass ass ass  


  61. Anonymous  

    tyler the creator
    childish gambino
    jukebox the ghost

  62. Also  

    Kendrick Lamar was not included in this group, and I'm sure photog Lucas aka MrFarFetched (on twitter) would have some connects.

    J cole.

    Why is the Weeknd not on this list???
    Weeknd x Drake = OVOXO

  63. Anonymous  


  64. i  

    will not have shitty hipster music ruin my bacchanal.

  65. radiohead  

    would be nice

  66. Anonymous  

    Kendrick Lamar

  67. Anonymous  

    Zion I:

    Jurassic 5 (an introduction for those born well into the 90s who only know "What's Golden")


    Blue Scholars:

    Welcome to music that's worth the price. Welcome to school.

  68. Anonymous  

    Oh please God let us get Turquoise Jeep

  69. seriouslae  

    something with some fucking energy. i'd pick a random punk band off the street in brooklyn over half of these because the show would be so damn boring. who is looking for a show filled with head-bobbing hipsters?

    not fucking me.

  70. Anonymous  


  71. Anonymous  

    Lonely Island seems like it would appeal to most.

  72. Anonymous

    Azealia Banks?? Come on, she practically agreed to a show on Spec.

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