[Non-]Trivial [Food] Pursuit

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Probably won't be hosting, unfortunately

There’s not much that’s better than Jeopardy. Well, unless you combine it with free pizza. And you can do just that tonight in Lerner 555, where Scientists and Engineers for a Better Society are hosting Nerdy Trivia Night from 5:30-7:00 pm. There will be free pizza and beverages, and the format of the night will be “a science-themed, team Jeopardy match.”

The team which displays the most scientific knowledge will win their choice of nerdy T-shirt from Threadless or CafePress, and everyone who competes will get candy (“probably Nerds Rope”)! Better start reading some Wikipedia‚ÄĒFrontiers probably didn’t prepare you for this.

Best Jeopardy host since Will Ferrell via Wikimedia

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    ah, he's such a hot Canadian

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