It’s All Happening on College Walk

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Those strolling across College Walk a moment a go saw a glimmer of Winter’s glow. Facilities is testing the lights in preparation for the annual tree lighting ceremony. Daylight hours may be waning, but at least we’re getting prepared to fight the night.

A twinkle betwixt the branches

Students assembling for the 2 pm OWS march to Union Square are playing a variety of instruments, some more conventional than others. They are also giving away free food.

A veritable jamboree

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  1. capitilization is key  

    if it were free Community, I'd be there.

  2. Anonymous  

    There are guards stationed inside the doors to Low to prevent protesters from entering. I'm not quite sure why they would try to enter Low.

    • There are

      guards outside Low because they are setting up tonight for the Alexander Hamilton Dinner.

      You know, the swanky black-tie fundraiser that raises millions to pay for the need-blind financial aid for these entitled whiners.

  3. Anonymous

    ---CS kids, get on that!

  4. Um  

    From that pic, it seems like 99% of Columbia can't spare the time to go downtown for the protest...time for those people heading to Union Square to start calling themselves the 1%?

  5. lulz  

    wonder if kylie rogers will be occupying columbia today.

  6. Anonymous  

    Whoever dared to call out a student on this post, you should be ASHAMED of yourself, singling out one student for everyone to see.

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