The Blue Low-Down

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Low getting all classy

For those mystified by Low’s new, blue lighting and accompanying bagpipe soundtrack, the effects are there in honor of tonight’s Alexander Hamilton Dinner. During the dinner the Columbia College Alumni Association awards the Alexander Hamilton Medal to “a member of the Columbia community for distinguished service to Columbia College and accomplishment in any field of endeavor.” This year, the prize goes to HF. “Gerry” Lenfest who has donated over $100 million to Columbia College.

For your auditory enjoyment:

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  1. Anonymous

    so all I have to do is donate 100$ million dollars and I get to light up Low Library AND my own bagpiper?

  2. Anonymous  

    so apparently now giving $100 million counts as distinguished service? if I butchered dead babies yet gave $200 million to the college, would I get to light up Low Steps as well? I better get 2 bag pipers.

    • Anonymous  

      As a beneficiary of Mr. Lenfest's generosity (without which I wouldn't be here), kindly do your research before writing off a donor to the school as being unworthy of this award simply because monetary gifts prompted it. Lenfest is the main supporter of TFA and arguably the most dedicated philanthropist to the arts in the Philadelphia area, he funded the Earth Institute and dozens of Columbia's actually worthwhile initiatives, and he has pledged to give away all of his wealth to environmental and educational causes before he dies. He is endlessly generous and remarkably modest, and that you even mentioned the phrase "butchering dead babies" in your comment about him is really, really misinformed and offensive.

  3. tobias  

    low just blue itself

  4. BWOG  

    The last time this happened you used (I believe for the first time, if not the only time) the brilliant "Prezbo pulling levers" tag. Please keep this in mind.

  5. Tim Finnegan

    A million? A billion? Who cares? Low was sexy and the piper took up the gob.

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