Bwoglines: Come Together Edition

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If done properly, music can bring great delight to others

In case you missed it last night, Athletics will allow the band to play at Saturday’s home game against Brown. The reversal came just hours after the Grey Lady ran a story with its own praises and criticisms (Spec, NY Times)

United Color of Benetton vowed to bring together more than just overpriced knit sweaters. For its latest “Unhate” campaign, the company released photoshopped portraits of world leaders kissing lip to lip. Wander over to learn who your favorite tyrant would be paired with (Huff Po)

We knew after memes took off, things would never be the same. And as we feared, the age of internet-driven contagions is upon us, and you can’t look away (Atlantic)

Holy smokes batman, it looks like OWS has their own spotlight signal (NY Mag)

Ye Olde Barry White of Yorkshire via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. lose-lose-lose-gate

    well at least we know what the varsity show is about this year.

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