CubMail Quadruples in MBs, Retains Ancient UI

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Just like that, the powers of CUIT that giveth and taketh have upgraded all student accounts from 250 MB to 1 GB, meaning you’ll now have more room for messages. The increased quota should be visible in the top bar of the CubMail page once you log in. As one CUIT official told us, you can also request additional space by emailing [email protected].

While we previously showed you how to make the switch to Gmail, the upgrade is a much welcomed improvement for those bent on keeping the simpler interface. Last we heard from student council, CUIT is reportedly transitioning to Gmail once it can meet ADA criteria. In the meantime, what do you plan on doing with all the extra space? Finally send that Lit Hum video you made to all your Core professors? Or continue uploading those supplemental readings you’ll never get to anyway?

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  1. Anonymous  

    what's today's date?

  2. Anonymous  

    so much room for activities

  3. this is  

    really old news.

  4. nwbar

    Just when you thought you were safe from all those listservs because your inbox was full. They can send me anymore, right? Right?

    Wrong. You've messed with primal fucking forces. The signup sheet at student activities day is a covenant signed in blood. Your inbox is forsaken. No law of God or man can stop the emails from coming.

    At first they will be few. And weak. An email blast about an upcoming publication that you were sort of involved with, but whose meetings you just stopped going to. That's nothing much, just a quick delete. Sure, there's another one the next day, but that's no big deal, just... POP! deleted.

    But the next day they return, and in greater numbers. What's this? A cultural event? How many Chinese cultural societies are there, exactly? Why are so many creepy student governments trying to give me cupcakes and massages for midterms? Why don't you just let me go home before Christmas eve?

    And then the flood. The gates of hell shall be opened, and from their servers shall pour all sorts of demons and info pertaining to events that you don't care about. Some shall die, and there shall come a day when it is they who are called the lucky ones.

  5. Anonymous

    What you gonna do with all that junk... junk mail, that is.

  6. Hear, hear  

    Ye olden Cubmail: Provisioning Columbia since 1754 with a Most Peculiar and Extra-Ordinary Means of Electric Message Dispatch.

  7. Anonymous  

    eff gmail. pine for life.

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