Columbia Parties? They Are Like…Transcendental

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Admit it. You remember thinking during that one scene of The Social Network how badly you wanted an invite to that final club party. Well now, when people ask what parties are like at your school, you can leave them with this sublime expression: all-inclusive.

I can only show you the door


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  1. Anonymous  

    What's going on on the steps right now?

  2. Um  

    Please don't tell me the writers let "Trascendental" through without spellchecking.

  3. alumni

    a lucky group of 30 seniors does get to be in some sort of finals club... just ask around or look at their pinky

  4. two things about this picture  

    fill my mind with wonder and awe: the starry decal on the side of the bus and the lawless wonderland within

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